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What is pre-employment assessment?

Employers may refer a prospective employee for pre-employment assessment to determine whether people have the character traits and/or job skills that is suitable for the role and to avoid any kind of injury in the workplace and to their fellow workmates.

Benefits of pre-employment assessments

  • To reduce recruitment cost, time, and risk
  • To match the capacity of the employee with the role
  • To have a safer working environment
  • To prevent work injury and workplace health promotion
  • To minimised downtime
  • To reduce WorkCover claims and insurance costs

What are the benefits of pre-employment tests for employer?

  • Same or next day appointment and saves wait times
  • Employers can save time and money in hiring process. They can narrow down their candidate pool based on their pre-employment assessment
  • Employers have an assurance that the candidates have the desired personality or character traits, skills, and abilities that are necessary for the role
  • The pre-employment assessments can also screen candidates on their drug or alcohol use, functional capacity evaluations to check physical requirements of job such as heavy lifting, moving objects, or long periods of standing or sitting
  • Reduction of unnecessary absences and further injury
  • Avoid unnecessary investigations/treatments

What will happen during the pre-employment examination?

The main component include a questionnaire about your medical history, job-specific functional capacity assessment, and other medical test as required by your employer to ensure that you are absolutely fit and have the ability to perform.

Standard pre-employment functional includes:

  • Height, weight, BMI
  • Vision tests (Near, Distance and Colour)
  • Cardiovascular examination (heart check, blood pressure, pulse)
  • Musculoskeletal assessment
  • Examination for hernias and other abdominal abnormalities
  • Urinalysis for diabetes and disorders of the internal organs
  • Respiratory examination (Chest sounds and peak flow)

Other pre-employment medical assessment includes:

  • Audiometry
  • Spirometry assessment (lung function test)
  • Drug and alcohol testing (instant or laboratory)
  • Functional capacity assessments
  • Work-related vaccinations
  • Corporate travel
  • Psychological aervices
  • Imaging referral services
  • Blood pathology services
  • Occupational health surveillance (e.g. Asbestos)

How long will it take for your pre-employment assessment?

These assessments takes about a minimum of 30 minutes but may vary in length depending on job-specific requirements.

Sometimes your assessment may involve going to more than one location and be delivered by our health partners.

Types of Medicals

Pre-employment including but not limited to:

  • Rail medicals
  • Exposure medicals e.g. Asbestos, Lead, surveillance, etc.
  • Fitness to drive e.g. heavy haulage, dangerous goods, commercial driver (taxi, bus, hire care)
  • White and blue collar pre-employment medicals